Smart Grid Solution

AI intelligent analysis, automatic inspection and hidden danger analysis and other functions

Smart High-Speed Solution

Toll lane license number plate recognition system,

Toll Station Civilized Service Evaluation System

Toll point-surface combination system

Toll station congestion detection system

Solar powered maintenance system

ETC gantry license number plate recognition system

Intelligent operation and maintenance system

Traffic incident detection system

Tunnel intelligent inspection robot

Anti-collision radar

HD 30x recognition

Infrared thermal imaging

Auto fill-in light module

Motion climbing module 

Gas detection module

Anti-collision radar

Emergency stop button and status indicator

On October 31, the "2019 Seventh Annual Conference of Transmission Technology " hosted by the Technology Development Service Center of the China Electricity Council and the Power Industry Transmission and Distribution Technology Collaboration Network (EPTC) kicked off in Chengdu
Today, September 27, the "2019 Ubiquitous Power IoT Technology Summit Forum" jointly organized by China Electricity Technology Market Association, CPEM National Electricity Equipment Management Network
On September 17, 2019, the "Don’t Forget Why We Started and Move Forward Bravely, 2019 Huawei Intelligent Computing Partner Conference " was held by Huawei.